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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

true. I'm happy.

Two days ago, u said to me that u have a dream about me. A dream that tells you that I have an affair with another man. And the dream feels so real for you.
I don't mind, it's just a dream. 
But I really happy for a thing. For what you feel. U said you mad, you wanna punch someone's head. You wanna fight with someone that u don't know exactly who he is. You said that I don't wanna come back home for you or for our son. But you are waiting.
It's true. I'm happy.
I'm happy that you understand what I feel if something like this happened to you. 
I'm happy that you will get sick if I'm in love with somebody else.
I'm happy because I know that you care even you never call, you never text me for a dumb or a simple message.
I'm happy because you are jealous.
You just don't wanna say that you are jealous.
Ego makes you think that you are a man if you still not saying a word of love.
But I know that you love me.
And thank you for that dream, I know that you really love me.

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  1. aha, is this that dream that u have told me before? i am happy for u then, but hope that dream would not come true, happily ever after sistaaaaa :)


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