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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't worry my TEAM!

31 Januari 2011 kemarin, tim futsal DKV New Media a.k.a Gravity Football Club mengikuti New Media Dies Natalis Competition, di Metro Futsal, Renon.
We sent 2 teams. Team A with Angga Tattoo as a captain.
Team B choose Adi Tyzon as a captain.

They tried and [always] play hard on this competition although team A finally defeated by team from TI B (4 - 2 for TI B)

and unexpectedly, team B won the game vs TI A (4 - 0 for the final score).
and they goes to semifinals....

but unfortunately, we lose. We lose from TI B (our supporters called them "Yunani Team")

We lose with proud.
We lose with chin up.
Even they won, we don't care.
cause we know we can be the one.
cause we are one.

(these photos are inspired by eshasw's photos)

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