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My Project: Scratch Ouch Bali

Starting from 2007, and build from excessive imagination, two people from Bali who have a very different characters, who tries to get out of these limits agreed to create a clothing company.
Scratch Ouch Bali standing because of the desire of its founder who wanted to continue going forward, without borders, full of dreams and struggled to get the best.

Scratch Ouch Bali is an indie clothing who want to raise the typical clothing from Bali, with the concept of maximum to maximize their customer's satisfaction. With the two sides of different personalities, Horror and Pop (they called it as "HORPOP), Scratch Ouch Bali try to give the impression of "Ouch" that makes customer feel "OUCH" and touch with their artworks.

The main idea of Scratch Ouch Bali is to give maximum quality concept with free of imagination and dream.
After a long conversation and support from friends, we change our concept to SURF, SKATE and MUSIC imagination. Why? Because we think people have to grow up, and surf, skate and music always be a good combination. An ideal collaboration. We tried to be simple in our way, simple but not less. Even our concept changed, we still be a HORPOP company but in simple way.

We provide customer satisfaction by making them feel special and makes them proud to wear clothing from SCRATCH.

We support local bands and indie-minded potential for advancement.

Follow us too @ScratchOuchBali on twitter! :)

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